As you already probably know, this is Emma & Books! I hope you learn about more about the blog and myself on this page!

Emma & Books and myself
E & B was started on August 16th, 2010. I'm writing this the day after. So, we're just beginning. But, I'm working hard at continuing all the work on the blog. Here, the main thing that I post about and put all over the pages is book reviews. It is mainly Young Adult literature because I am a young adult myself. I am a teen author, currently working on a novel that is hopefully going to be published in a matter of time. But nothing is permanent when you're in the draft stages of writing a novel...I'm getting off topic. 
I host contests whenever I can, host Book Discussion Days, and so much'll see.

Other than that, you'll find out for yourself!

See you in the blogosphere!
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