Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Review: Enna Burning by Shannon Hale

Yay! I finished Enna Burning! I am starting to be obsessed with this series...

Age Group: Young Adult/Reading level: Ages 9-12
Pages: 336
My Rating: 5 Stars
Enna's life was not meant to be simple. When her brother, Leifer, brings home a mysterious piece of vellum that teaches him how to set fires — without a spark, without flint — Enna cannot decide if this power is one she wants for herself, or something that should be extinguished forever.

    And when Bayern, their country, goes to war, the choice becomes nearly unbearable. Enna never imagined that the warm, life-giving energy of a fire could destroy everything she loves, but she must now save herself and Bayern before fire consumes her entirely.
    (From The Official Site of Shannon Hale see here)
This book kept me turning the pages almost like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer or one of those amazing books. It really was magic. Of course, the story itself was based on a fantastical theme but it had a way of making me feel like it was also really real. All of the characters in Shannon's books make me feel like they're real. I didn't really know what to expect in Enna's story after reading the wonderful tale of Isi in The Goose Girl. But it met more than my expectations. Wonderful! It blew me away.

(P.S. Enna is a lot like Emma...hehe it was almost like I was reading about myself and it was weird, let me tell you)

On another note. I just wanted to tell everyone about the books I've gotten this week and will be reading after I finish the Dark Visions series by L.J. Smith...

Ophelia by Lisa Klein

And I will be reading The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I didn't have a picture and I actually bought The Iron Daughter which is the second book of the series and haven't even read the first I'll have to buy the first But I think I might just go ahead and read the second book you think I should?

Anyway, have a nice day and I'll see you in a while!

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Brooke said...

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Olivia D said...

i LOVEDDDD enna burning! it was realllly good. its mh favorite out of all of the books. I WISH SHANNON WOULD MAKE MORE BAYERN BOOKS. has anyone read the other book "book of a thousand days" i doesn't look that goood but i haven't read it. and i think Fin is so adorable! I love how Shannon put the romance into it. She should of put more thoughh;) and that line "all i ever wanted is to be near you" was like my favorite part!!!:D
I saw that book on you page "the Amaranth Enchantment". Have you read it? It looked so much like the cover "Forest Born" by Shannon Hale. I wonder if its nearly as good as Shanon's books:)

Emma said...

Hey Olivia! :) Yeah, I read Book of a Thousand Days and yeah it's pretty good! Sort of slow going but Shannon Hale is an amazing writer. :D I never ended up reading Amaranth Enchantment!! I bet it's pretty good though, I'll have to read it some time.. :)

Olivia said...

Hi Emma!
So, today I just finished "Book of a Thousand Days". I do agree, it was slow in the beginning. I was saying to my self, "When was the action going to start??" But, after probably about in the middle or end of beginning of the book, I couldn't put down the book! I couldn't believe the plot and conflict Shannon brought! I loved the romance she puts in. I have read two books from Jessica Day George and I didn't like them nearly as much as Shannon's books. She always has something different instead of the traditional princess fantasy. I never ended up reading Amaranth Enchantment either:D I recently just bought "Secondhand Charm" by Julie Berry who is also the author of Amaranth Enchantment, "Spells" by Aprilynee Pike and her 2nd book, "Wings". I hope they are good. From their summaries, they seem to be a modern fantasy.